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Solar Panel Installation in Northwest Indiana

Alternative Electric Power, a division of Amps & Volts Electric, can answer any and all of your questions regarding solar energy to power your home. AEP is the premier provider of solar energy solutions and installer of solar panels in your neighborhood. Our highly trained electricians can professionally equip residential properties with clean solar energy and reduce your utility bills.

What are the advantages in using solar energy?

Solar energy is energy that is derived and sourced from the sun. This by and large means the generation of heat or electricity by harnessing sunlight.

There are many reasons that equate to the advantages in using solar energy.

The Abundance of Solar Energy.
Even in the middle of winter each square meter of land still receives a fair amount of solar radiation. Even during cloudy days we still receive some sunlight and it is this that can be used as a renewable resource.

You don’t pay for sunlight.
Obviously, sunlight is totally free. There is of course the initial investment for your solar panels. After your initial investment you won’t be receiving a bill every month for the rest of your life from the electric utility company.

Solar Energy is getting more cost effective.
The technology for solar energy is evolving at an increasing rate. At present, solar panel installations are more affordable now than they have ever been in the past.

Solar energy is non-polluting.
Solar energy is an excellent alternative for fossil fuels like coal and petroleum because solar energy is practically emission free while generating electricity. With solar energy the danger of further damage to the environment is minimized.

Accessibility of solar power in remote locations.
Solar power can generate electricity no matter how remote the area as long as the sun shines there. Even in areas that are inaccessible to power cables solar power can produce electricity.

Solar energy systems are virtually maintenance free.
Once a photovoltaic array is setup it can last for decades. Once they are installed and setup there are practically zero recurring costs.

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