Surge Protection For House

Surge Protection For House And Home

Nearly all homes have tens of thousands of dollars worth of electronics in them today. Some are used more than others, and we usually protect them with surge strips. But we forget that our appliances such as our washer, dryer, furnace, fridge and microwave also have electronic parts. We usually don’t have anything to protect them from a high energy power surge. Surge protection can keep expensive electronics and appliances safe from common power surges.  During storms, voltage spikes can be harmful to appliances and electrical devices in your home. An increase in voltage above an appliance’s normal operating voltage can cause an arc or high surge of electrical current within the appliance.  The heat created in the arc and/or the power pulse causes damage to the electronic circuit boards and other electrical components.

Low level surges can also damage electronics that are not protected. They just do it over time. Most common causes of low level surges are when a large motor such as your A/C unit or garage door causes lights to flicker, when they are called upon.


surge protectionInstalling a whole building surge protector connected to your electric panel gives you that needed protection. It absorbs the spiked energy caused by these surges from our power lines or lightning strikes.  The surge suppressor Amps & Volts Electric Inc. provides, protects electronic devices from higher than needed voltage levels. It protects electronic devices (phones, televisions and computers) and appliances (washing machines and dryers) with electronic parts from surges that originate from within the home, from the utility service and from other wires that connect the devices to the outside, such as telephone and cable television connections.

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