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Three Reasons To Leave Ceiling Fan Installation to the Experts

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Three reasons to leave ceiling fan installation to the experts. Many homeowners like to tackle projects on their own, especially if they feel like the project is simple to understand. One project that may seem this way on the surface is a ceiling fan installation; however, we’re here to tell you that’s not the case. Ceiling fans are deceptively simple-looking, but the reality is that many things could go wrong if they are not installed properly.

Here are three reasons you should leave ceiling fan installation to the experts:

  • Wiring is complicated. Ceiling fans aren’t a simple plug-and-go electrical appliance – there is a decent amount of complex wiring involved. Using the incorrect wiring could lead to circuit trips or, in the worst-case scenario, even an electrical fire.
  • Electricity hurts!Shocks are always a concern when handling electrical equipment. Even if you turn off the power, incorrectly installed appliances can still create sparks or shocks that could lead to serious injury on your part.
  • Doing it yourself might cost more. While you may be trying to save a buck, an incorrect ceiling fan installation could end up costing you more than you’re expecting to save. Using the wrong ceiling box could cause the fan to fall, or you could damage your ceiling if you need to cut a hole for the fan. These mistakes can add up very quickly into a mountain of bills you don’t want.

These are only three reasons to leave ceiling fan installation to the experts. Ultimately, choosing to have an electrician at Amps & Volts Electric take care of it for you will save you time, and it will be safer for everyone in your home. After purchasing your fan give us a call at 219-462-FUSE (3873) or click the link to schedule online if you’re looking to install one.